Warranty Transfer

Have you recently acquired a caravan from Urban Caravans? Your preloved caravan may still be under warranty. Urban Caravans accepts the transfer of warranty if servicing and warranty conditions have been met. Please ensure that you fill out the form and notify us of the transfer so that we can assist you with any future warranty claims.

Urban Caravans accepts transfer of warranty, within the factory warranty period, only if the new owner has filled out the form on this page. Once submitted our team will go over the information, check our database and get back to you should there be a requirement to do so.

Additionally, there are several conditions that need to be met for the transfer to be accepted and any future warranty claims honoured.

Some of the conditions include, but are not limited to:
– Regular Authorised Servicing & Full Service History (Including Photos)
– Regular Maintenance
– Appropriate Usage
– Issues that arise but are not related to the manufacturing process (such as issues resulting from, but not limited to, accidents and other physical damage)

IMPORTANT: Urban Caravans does not accept warranty claims related to cosmetic damage to the caravan.

Please note that warranties on appliances and other products in your caravan are usually covered by the warranty of the appliance manufacturer.

If you have any further questions or require clarification please fill out the form on this page and include the question in the Message portion of the form. If you have already filled out this form, please use our Contact Us Form.


It is essential and compulsory that you upload the complete Service History and an authorised Condition Report using the form.