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Innovative Construction & Manufacturing Methods

All caravans built by Urban Caravans have a specially and uniquely developed Aluminium – Rot Free Frame that uses TIG Welds for durability and rigidity and Lock Bolting for off-road flexibility and stress absorption. The frames are then attached to the chassis using Z Channel grooves, that ensure the longevity and off-road prowess of all caravans built by Urban Caravans. Our interiors are also up to the task using our specially developed ‘Glue It, Screw It, Seal It’ manufacturing process.

Durability. Flexibility. Longevity.

Aluminium Frame

Having an Aluminium frame means that our caravans are built for longevity, endurance and off-road ability. One of the biggest issues facing traditionally built wooden frame caravans is damage caused by water ingress. This rots the frame and renders the caravan useless.

Nothing Beats A Tungsten TIG Weld

TIG Welded Aluminium Frame

A Tig Weld avoids the use of rivets when constructing the Aluminium Frame. By Tig Welding the entire aluminium frame, there is no need for any rivets or staples and the wear and tear (such as stress cracking to the surrounding Aluminium) is avoided.

Built In Capabilities

Chassis, Suspension
and Z-Channels

By using a Z Channel when joining the chassis with the frame, the frame bolts onto the chassis using the overhangs. This is a more secure way to merge the frame and chassis and ensure durability and flexibility at the same time.

Glue It, Screw It, Seal It.


All furniture is cut by CNC, we use a basic tongue and groove technique in all joins. This is then followed by our proprietary modified 3-part process of ‘ Glue It, Screw It, Seal It.’ The interiors of our caravans must be made to a level that withstands semi off-road and off-road conditions.

Essential for OFF-ROAD Adventures

Dust Suppression

A competent and potent Dust Reduction System that is unique to the industry and had been developed with direct feedback from Outback Loving Owners and Testing.

Now standard across most of the URBAN CARAVANS range.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Caravan Construction


Aluminium Frame caravans are longer lasting, are not susceptible to rot and better suited for semi off-road and off-road caravaning. 

Tig Weld is the way to go when it comes to joining aluminium frames. The legacy manufacturing process of using rivets leaves the frame susceptible to stress fractures to the aluminium around the rivet.

Using Z Channels, the frame is connected to the chassis via more touch points, unlike the old practice of bolting the frame onto the chassis just by laying it on top. 

Yes. Caravans built by Urban Caravans come with a warranty. For more information please visit our warranty page or speak to your preferred dealer.

Urban Caravans are Australian Made and Australian Owned. The main production facility is located in Melbourne.