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Our Story

With a family caravan manufacturing history dating back to the 1970’s, at Urban Caravans we integrate key background trades to deliver an exceptional and durable final product.

Our caravans are designed for both road and off-road use, whilst their aluminium frame construction ensures longevity and sturdiness on the beaten trail. 

TIG Welded Aluminium Frame Caravans

Our Mission

Our mission has always been to design and manufacture, durable and capable TIG Welded Aluminium Frame caravans that cater for the needs and individual requirements of every adventurer. From the tarmac to the uneven dusty trails and from the caravan park to the most breathtaking off-grid spots. Urban Caravans has the right caravans for you.

Founder and Owner

Steve Trajcevski

I strive for a progressive manufacturing environment, that promotes the use of new materials, techniques and innovation.
I believe in a respected workforce that is trained, capable and invested in the product they build.
I understand that our clients expect the best, and Urban Caravans will always be committed to a quality aluminium frame, off-road focused and capable caravans.

Where It Began


Steve Trajcevski is the founder and head of Urban Caravans. His love for building caravans started at the early age of 16 and has followed him ever since. With a passion inherited through his father Con, a manufacturing entrepreneur himself, Steve was always going to make it in the world of caravans.

Back in 1970, Con was manufacturing Opal Caravans with his two brothers Jim and Nick. Eventually, in 1986 the company name was changed to Regal Caravans, under the advice of their primary dealer. This new fresh name was chosen specifically to represent the quality of the product and road caravans they were building as a family.

Sensing his son’s passion for joining the family business, Con ensured that Steve Trajcevski completed an upholstery and furniture making apprenticeship. Equipped with the skills and knowledge required, Steve was well on his way to building quality caravan furniture and upholstery. Such a skillset was ideal and reflected positively on the overall fit and finish of the caravans. In fact, Steve Trajcevski was awarded “Apprentice Upholsterer of the Year” on more than one occasion.

When all seemed to be going well and Steve was growing into a key figure in the business, the Australian economy had other plans. Due to the recession that hit Australia in 1989, infamously known as “the recession we had to have,” the family caravan manufacturing business had to close. Subsequently, the three brothers went their own ways, with Con and Steve continuing their own business.

Steve and his father founded New Age Upholstery, a business in the furniture and upholstery industry. New Age Upholstery is still trading and till this day continues to service the caravan industry and other industries with premium products.

Urban Carvans - A Brave New Era


In 2012, Steve and his dad decided it was time to reignite their passion and get back to building quality caravans.

However, this time around, Steve was determined to move the game on. He was determined to introduce new technologies and materials in the manufacturing of their caravans.

By now a master in Steel Fabrication, Steve understood the benefits that an aluminium frame would bring. Growing tired of the age-old technique of stapled timber frames, Steve decided to implement his qualification as a TIG welder and develop a new alloy structure for the caravans. He realised the industry needed a serious upgrade in its manufacturing processes and move towards aluminium. As aluminium frames were mostly riveted, they had their own drawbacks that meant caravan enthusiasts tended to shy away from them.

Steve realised the opportunity and understood that he could solve the problem by introducing his TIG weld techniques to the construction process. Steve moved urban into the tig welded aluminium frame segment and quickly built a reputation for quality Hybrid Off-Road caravans. With further development of the frames and understanding market dynamics, Urban Caravans eventually pivoted towards becoming an in demand custom Off-Road manufacturer.

With nothing but positive reviews about the product, word soon got out and Urban Caravans were approached by the Hinterland Group. Hinterland requested the Urban Caravans supply them with a range of extreme off-road caravans. Enjoying great success, and high levels of customer satisfaction, the range has since grown to include a number of semi off-road and full off-road caravan models.

Firstly in 2019, and then again in 2021, Steve had to upgrade the production facilities, production line and grow the workforce in order to meet demand. With the move to an expanded national dealer network, Urban Caravans are now positioned to continue supplying the highly sought after caravans across Australia.

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We at Urban Caravans continue to maintain strict quality and high build standards at the core of our production process. Therefore, we are committed to a moderated and strictly capped production run each week. This ensures that our core product promise is maintained and our caravans continue to inspire adventure.

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