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Our aluminium frame caravans are ready for your next big off road adventure.

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Why Urban Caravans?

With a family caravan manufacturing history dating back to the 1970’s, at Urban Caravans we integrate key background trades to deliver an exceptional and durable final product.

Our caravans are designed for both road and offroad use, whilst their aluminium frame construction ensures longevity and sturdiness on the beaten trail. 

More reasons why.

What makes us different?

  • The frame is fully aluminium, TIG WELDED and bolted for strength and offroad trails.

  • We use a Z CHANNEL on the chassis. This allows for the aluminium frame to sit on the side of the chassis. Therefore the frame is bolted directly to the chassis and not sitting on top of the floor.

  • No timber frame – ROT FREE FRAME

  • All furniture is cut by CNC, we use a basic tongue and groove technique in all joins. This is then followed by a 3-part process GLUE IT, SCREW IT, SEAL IT.

  • We back it all with our famous WARRANTY.



Your ticket to freedom.

our range

With high levels of quality and plentiful customisation, Urban Caravans will ensure that your next adventure will be a whole new experience. Explore the range below.


The start to your adventure.


For when the going
gets Tuff.

Series 2

Offroad is home.

Series 2

Offroad King.

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Tig welded
aluminium frame

TIG WELDS ensure a sturdy weld that can withstand rugged offroad use. Correspondingly, using aluminium in construction ensures that our caravans excel at durability.

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A TIG WELD is a high quality tungsten weld that ensures our aluminium frames are durable and long lasting.

These welds are done only by qualified professionals that understand the process and pride themselves in the perfect weld.

z Channel

What happens when you have the frame sitting on the side of the chassis rather than on top?

You get rigidity and additional structural integrity for all of your off road adventures.

Rot Free

With an aluminium frame, our off road caravans are rot free.

This key benefit is essential when deciding if a rot free aluminium frame is your preference over a standard wooden frame.

All caravans built by Urban Caravans are built with an aluminium frame.

Glue It,
Screw It,
Seal It.

All furniture is cut by CNC, we use a basic tongue and groove technique in all joins.

This is then followed by a 3-part process of Glue It, Screw It, Seal It.


Our famous warranty will give you confidence and peace of mind.

We are confident in the use of our materials and the build quality and back this confidence with our warranty.