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Aluminium Frame (Rot Free)

What is a TIG Weld? 
A Tig Weld is a special weld used when working with Aluminium. It uses the rare metal Tungsten (Wolfram) in the welding process. This weld ensures the most effective and durable aluminium weld. All aluminium frames constructed by Urban Caravans are joined using this weld.

Why Aluminium Frame?

Aluminium frames are more durable, longer-lasting and provide higher levels of rigidity over traditional wooden framed caravans.

TIG Weld or Rivets?

Caravans that have aluminium frames have many advantages over their wooden counterparts. Beyond the longer-lasting, rot-free frames, aluminium frames also have structural advantages. Additionally, caravans built by Urban Caravans use Tig Welds for rigidity and Lock Bolting to join the different aluminium panels together. Lock Bolting gives our tig welded aluminium caravans flexibility and give for offroad use.

Rot-Free Frame
No More Rot

With little water ingress and some time, wooden frames can suffer major structural damage. These damages can result in the caravan no longer being fit for purpose. If the base plate is damaged, then there is no way out. Timber rot can set in due to something simple as a broken light seal. Composite floors and walls are also victims of water ingress, something you will not have to worry about with our Aluminium Framed caravans.

Our Construction Methods

Construction Methods

Superior manufacturing techniques and manufacturing processes.

Aluminium Frames

Undisputed material and construction method for Premium and Off-Road Caravans.

Chassis & Suspension

Innovative and cutting edge underpinnings designed and tested for all conditions.

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