Tungsten X-Treme

Series 2

Off Road Caravan

And Don't Compromise
On Comfort

Key Features

Our Ultimate Aluminium Off Road Caravan

The URBAN X-TREME SERIES 2 is built to endure the hardest terrain.
We have factored everything in to ensure you can go further than you ever dreamed possible.
Along with the 4.4t Stage III Remote Air Bag Suspension and the huge 300mm Trussed Chassis you also have a 12v Dust Suppression System, Full Alloy Underbody Armour, Heavy Duty Rock Sliders and Front and Rear Recovery Hooks. 2 x 100ah Lithium Batteries, 4 x 190w Solar Panels, 50 amp DCtoDC Charger and a whopping 3000w Pure Sinewave Inverter and Shunt.
The standard features on the X-Treme Series 2 will satisfy the Hard-Core Adventurer.


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Exceptional Interiors

Take the urban into the outback.

Floor Plans

Choose the right length and layout for your adventure.

Exceptional Interiors

Take the urban into the outback.

  • The frame is fully aluminium, TIG WELDEDand bolted for strength and offroad trails.

  • We use a Z CHANNEL on the chassis. This allows for the aluminium frame to sit on the side of the chassis. Therefore the frame is bolted directly to the chassis and not sitting on top of the floor.

  • No timber frame – ROT FREE FRAME

  • All furniture is cut by CNC, we use a basic tongue and groove technique in all joins. This is then followed by a 3-part process GLUE IT, SCREW IT, SEAL IT.

  • We back it all with our famous WARRANTY.

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