Construction & Manufacturing


Ever sat in a space and been left in awe and amazement? Our magnificent interiors will do that to any self-respecting aesthete. We carefully select our materials, designs and colours and provide you with options and a pallet that complements your vision.

Interior Build

Not all interiors are created equal, and not all interiors are designed to stand the test of time and demands of caravan travel. Materials, construction methods and workmanship are all key elements to what sets apart the good from the best.

Glue It,
Screw It,
Seal It.

All furniture is cut by CNC, and we use a basic tongue and groove technique in all joints.
This is then followed by a 3-part process GLUE IT, SCREW IT, SEAL IT.
By following this process, we ensure the durability of our interiors and that our interiors are just as capable as our exteriors in handling the Australian Outback.


We work closely with Melbourne Based industry leader for caravan furniture – New Age Upholstery to create the most stunning furniture pieces in the industry. Focusing on premium materials and contemporary colours, our exquisite furniture will complete your dream interior. 

Our Construction Methods

Construction Methods

Superior manufacturing techniques and manufacturing processes.

Dust Suppression System

Strength, longevity and industry leading Aluminium Frame construction.

Aluminium Frame

Undisputed material and construction method for Premium and Off-Road Caravans.

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