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Semi-Off Road Caravan

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Key Features

Our Aluminium Semi-Off Road Caravan

The Tungsten Tuff range is our Semi-Off Road entry and includes our Fully TIG Welded Alloy Frame, Fibreglass Inner Walls, Fibreglass One Piece Roof and Durable One Piece Fibreglass Floor.

Fitted with 16” off-road tyres and wheels & 3.3t Independent Coil and Shock Suspension

Couple this together with a Full Box RHS Steel Chassis and this is as tough as you will find on a semi-off road plat-form. Available in both touring and family floorplans this range is sure to please the most discerning traveller.

Looks tuff… because it is TUFF!!



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Exceptional Interiors

Take the urban into the outback.

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Exceptional Interiors

Take the urban into the outback.

  • The frame is fully aluminium, TIG WELDEDand bolted for strength and offroad trails.

  • We use a Z CHANNEL on the chassis. This allows for the aluminium frame to sit on the side of the chassis. Therefore the frame is bolted directly to the chassis and not sitting on top of the floor.

  • No timber frame – ROT FREE FRAME

  • All furniture is cut by CNC, we use a basic tongue and groove technique in all joins. This is then followed by a 3-part process GLUE IT, SCREW IT, SEAL IT.

  • We back it all with our famous WARRANTY.

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