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TIG Welded Technology

Why Urban Caravans do it and why they can offer a 10-Year Crack Free Frame Warranty.

There are five major building techniques used within the Caravan Industry:

  1. Timber, Stapled or CNC
  2. Alloy, Rivetted
  3. PE Plastic, Stapled
  4. Composite Panelling
  5. Alloy, Welded

The requirement is pretty obvious as in the strength that you need to employ for an outstanding off-road caravan. 

  1. Timber is a proven stalwart in the industry but like all old technology it is being superseded at a rapid rate and this is due to two factors: Wet Rot and corroded steel staples. The frame is stapled together and steel staples rust. If timber gets wet it can rot and decompose. Bye-Bye frame.
  2. Rivetted Alloy is generally a C-Section Alloy rather than RHS Tubed Alloy. It is split between a few different types of rivets: Non-Piercing and Self-Piercing. Both are rivets and rivets can be known to work loose regardless of the technique used. Self-Piercing basically punches/forces a rivet through the alloy, ripping its way through without a drilled entry point, (I’ll let you make up your mind about that). Pre-Drilled or Non-Piercing have, like all rivets, a relatively low tensile strength. Tensile is vertical strength which is important when considering twist and diagonal flex. When you add these factors together? well, off-road caravans need to flex.
  3. PE Plastic Stapled frames are quite strong and flexible but unfortunately, they are mainly steel stapled and as mentioned previously, steel staples rust.
  4. Composite Panelling is having issues that are starting to come to light. Firstly, the foam inside some of the walls used by some caravan manufacturers is shrinking and allowing light to shine through, not to mention the reduction in insulation. This can also lead to delamination of the fibreglass sheets and the reduced foam inside the wall itself. Make sure you ask about the warranty on the composite panelling!
  5. Welded Alloy is utilised by various manufactures albeit not all are utilising TIG Welded Technology. Some are MIG welded and the easy way to differentiate between MIG and TIG is by checking the samples supplied by your retailer and if there is “slag” or what appears to be foreign objects or bubbles in the welds then that’s not TIG. TIG is a cooler weld that is less prone to affecting the surrounding metal around the welded joint. MIG is hotter and the metal surrounding the joint can be more subject to cracking. Urban utilise RHS Box alloy in their frames and minimise the use of C-Section Alloy where possible.

This is why Urban Caravans can offer you the best structural warranty on the market. 10 YEARS!!1

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