Tig Weld

As a qualified TIG welder myself, I understood the benefits and importance in using the TIG WELD process. I was never going to settle for building aluminium framed off-road caravans using any other methods. For me, a TIG WELD is the only way forward if you want to guarantee a quality long-lasting product.

Steve - Founder of Urban Caravans

What is a
Tig Weld?

A Tig Weld is a special weld used when working with Aluminium. It uses the rare metal Tungsten (Wolfram) in the welding process. This weld ensures the most effective and durable aluminium weld. All aluminium frames constructed by Urban Caravans are joined using this weld.

Tig Weld - Why
is it so important in Aluminium Caravans?

A Tig Weld, being the most effective and durable weld, ensures that frames joined using this method are less likely to develop any structural issues.
Therefore, all caravans built by Urban Caravans are built using the best available method for joining aluminium. This in turn guarantees that all of our caravans are long-lasting, durable and have a higher tolerance when facing challenging environments.
Tig Welded aluminium frames are also essential if you require the rigidity and tolerance levels for offroading caravans. Although benefits from this type of weld translate to road going caravans as well, the benefits are most pronounced when such a construction is used in the Urban Caravans built caravans such as the Tungsten Tourer, Tungsten Tuff, Tungsten X-Terrain Mk.2, Tungsten X-Treme Mk.2 and all other models built by Urban Caravans.

Tig Weld or Rivets?

A Tig Weld avoids the use of rivets when constructing the Aluminium Frame. Rivets were the weak point of every aluminium frame before the use of Tig Welding was introduced.  By Tig Welding the entire aluminium frame, there is no need for any rivets or staples and the wear and tear (such as stress cracking to the surrounding Aluminium) is avoided. 

Our experienced TIG Welder welding the frame of our Tungsten X-Treme caravan.

What is Lock Bolting and Why Is It Important For Off Road Caravans?

Lock Bolting is the process used in all caravans built by Urban Caravans for joining the Tig Welded panels together. Bolting the panels in this manner ensures that the rigidity and sturdiness provided by the Tig Welds is offset by the flexibility and movement offered by the Lock Bolts.
This flexibility is essential for building semi-offroad and offroad caravans. The stresses endured in these caravans are partially absorbed by this unique and innovative way of joining together different frame elements.
If you want your aluminium frame to last offroad, then you must give it the flexibility through using Lock Bolts.

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