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Terraglide Suspension

Urban Caravans has worked in conjunction with Premcar Engineering and a select other Off-Road manufacturer to bring Terraglide Suspension to the market. Our goal was to have your caravan react the way your vehicle does in various situations. Until now your caravan reacted like a trailer and this caused uneven handling responses between your vehicle and your caravan. Not anymore, and here’s the reasons why:

  • Torsion/Roll Bars fitted between each suspension module seriously reduce Caravan Roll and Pitch by evenly distributing weight whilst cornering.
  • Improved Heightened Roll Centre reduces top-end pitch and further improves weight distribution whilst cornering, especially in the dirt.
  • Progressive Suspension Bump Stops soften the impact to your van in harsh conditions therefore reducing internal wear and tear
  • Service Free Wheel Bearings reduce maintenance costs and reduce the threat of bearing failure even whilst in the remotest areas.
  • Grease Free Suspension Bushes reduce maintenance costs and once again reduce component failure under harsh conditions.
  • Twin Tube Monroe Wylie Shock Absorbers, designed specifically for Terraglide Suspension and crucial on rough and corrugated roads. Twin Tube Shock Absorbers delete the need for an external remote hydraulic fluid tank,  which in turn reduces the risk of accidental damage to your hydraulics.

There’s just seven reasons out of dozens as to why you should seriously consider Terraglide Suspension on your next caravan.

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