Caravans Built to Withstand
the Rigours of the Australian Outback, and We Guarantee It.

What makes Urban Caravans so unique and different to other builders? We have integrated and utilised our many background trades to be incorporated into the construction of this range. Along with a long family history of caravan manufacturing dating back from the 1970’s.

Following the family tradition along with the below attributes we at Urban Caravans can say we have created a quality product that stands out from the rest. 

Everyone in the factory is a part of the FAMILY, we all make this product together and we pride ourselves on being a family owned and built brand.

  • The frame is fully aluminium, TIG welded and bolted for strength.
  • We use a Z Channel on the chassis and this allows for the aluminium frame to sit on the side of the chassis so it is bolted directly to the chassis and not sitting on top of the floor like some other manufactures.
  • No timber frame – ROT FREE FRAME
  • All furniture is cut by CNC, we use a basic tongue and groove technique in all joins. Which is then followed by a 3-part process     



Tungsten Tourer

TIG Welded Strength at an Affordable Price

Tungsten X-Terrain Series 2

5 Star Luxury with a Go Anywhere Attitude

Tungsten X-Treme Series 2

X-TREME Series 2 Is Seriously NEXT LEVEL EXTREME!!!!!


Urban Caravans implements the TIG WELD welding process for handcrafting the aluminium frames of our caravans.

TIG WELDS ensure a durable weld that can withstand the rugged usage of our caravans, while the usage of aluminium in the construction ensures that our caravans have a long usable lifespan.

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