The Urban Dust Suppression System

We’ve researched a lot of different dust “reduction” systems and found that they did reduce dust but in varying levels of “reduction”. Urban Caravans have gone one step further by designing our own system that virtually eliminates dust ingress and in hard core off-road caravanning dust ingress is an extremely important factor.

Dust ingress not only affects your comfort and relaxation it can also become a major health issue that can affect allergies and respiratory issues. That’s not to mention dust staining and resale factors when it’s time to sell.

We combine a marine grade air-pump that pumps 3000 sq inches of air per minute into your van with a washable automotive type filter that won’t cost the earth to replace. It doesn’t take up any precious storage space and is powered from your tow vehicle instead of draining your house batteries. 

The Urban Dust Suppression System is fitted as Standard to our X-Terrain and X-Treme range of caravans. It is available as an optional extra on the Tuff and Tourer range so just ask your selling dealer to give you a price on having one fitted.