With ample experience in building furniture, interiors were always going to be our masterpiece. I am extremely proud of our quality, style and range of options. All backed by our "Glue It, Screw It, Seal It." process.

Steve - Founder of Urban Caravans

Interior Build

We at Urban Caravans are proud of our furniture building experience. Our caravans benefit immensely from this knowledge and the fact that we can produce pieces that are built specifically for caravans and with “on the road” luxury and comfort in mind.

Glue It,
Screw It,
Seal It.

All furniture is cut by CNC, we use a basic tongue and groove technique in all joints.
This is then followed by a 3-part process GLUE IT, SCREW IT, SEAL IT.
By following this process, we ensure the durability of our interiors and that our interiors are just as capable as our exteriors in handling the Australian Outback.

How We Build Our Caravans and More

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Construction Methods

Find out how we build our TIG WELDED ALUMINIUM FRAMED Semi and Full Off-Road Caravans to ensure quality, durability and capability.

Rot Free

Want to know why Aluminium Frames are the right way forward? How about starting with their longevity and the fact that they are rot free.

Z Channel

If you want to go off-road then you will need the marriage between the chassis and the frame to utilise the right type of joins.


Find out about our Tig Weld process for joining Aluminium and how, in combination with Lock Bolting, you get the perfect offroad caravan.

Our Full

View our full range of caravans, including our Tungsten Tourer, Tungsten Tuff, X-Terrain Series 2 and X-Treme Series 2

Find A

Want to know how to get into one of our famous caravans? Find one of our trusted dealers near you and they will be more than happy to assist.

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