Aluminium Rot Free

There was no other way, except to go for an Aluminium Frame. For us, it has always been clear that an aluminium frame is more durable, longer-lasting and better suited for off-road caravans. The simple fact that it will not rot, was more than enough to convince me.

Why an Aluminium Frame?

Aluminium frames are more durable, longer-lasting and provide higher levels of rigidity over traditional wooden framed caravans.

How is an
Aluminium Frame

Caravans that have aluminium frames have many advantages over their wooden counterparts. Beyond the longer-lasting, rot free frames, aluminium frames also have structural advantages. Additionally, caravans built by Urban Caravans use Tig Welds for rigidity and Lock Bolting to join the different aluminium panels together. Lock Bolting gives our tig welded aluminium caravans flexibility and give for offroad use.

Rot Free Frame
No More Rot

With little water ingress and some time, wooden frames can suffer major structural damage. These damages can result in the caravan no longer being fit for purpose. If the base plate is damaged, then there is no way out. Timber rot can set in due to something simple as a broken light seal. Composite floors and walls are also victims of water ingress, something you will not have to worry about with our Aluminium Framed caravans.

Aluminium will not rot and with our added crack-free TIG Welding/Bolting process your days will be ROT FREE.
A water affected front wall after a faulty seal
on a clearance light allowed water ingress.
Another example shows us how the tunnel boot and front rotted out.
This caravan has a water affected base plate.
The base plate is crucial to the structural integrity of the caravan.
A timber framed caravan after water ingress.
This water affected composite wall has swollen with water from an ingress from above.
This composite floor has been affected by water and has rotted out.
Containg no timber or polystyrene our floor is ROT FREE.
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How We Build Our Caravans and More

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Construction Methods

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Find out about our Tig Weld process for joining Aluminium and how, in combination with Lock Bolting, you get the perfect offroad caravan.

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Z Channel

If you want to go off-road then you will need the marriage between the chassis and the frame to utilise the right type of joins.

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Glue It, Screw It, Seal It.

How do you ensure that the whole caravan is durable, not only the TIG welded aluminium frame? By using our tried and tested method of course.

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