Urban Caravans is one of the few manufacturers that TIG welds its aluminium frames and builds them tough for off-road work.

Steve Trajcevski runs Urban Caravans and has a passion for building quality caravans nearly his whole life. In 1970 Steve father was involved with his two brother Jim and Nick in Caravan manufacture Opal Caravans. 1986 company name was changed to Regal Caravans which was suggested by their dealers at the time as it suited the quality of the caravans better than Opal did as a name.

As a young 16-year-old this is where his passion started, he wanted to join the family business. His dad made sure he competed an upholstery and furniture-making apprenticeship so that he could construct caravan furniture and finishes it off with top-notch upholstery properly. That worked well.

Unfortunately, in 1989 recession hit and the family business closed and the 3 brothers discussed to part different ways.

But for Steve and his dad they continue the upholstery and furniture trade under New Age Upholstery, which is still servicing the caravan industry with premium products.

In 2012 it’s we’re Urban started as a side project Steve and his dad wanted to start building Caravans again but they wanted to be different and better. Steve used his qualification as a TIG welder to use and adapted from steel fabrication to aluminium framed Caravans. (tungsten inert gas). But later changed names to Urban Caravans.

At the start of 2019, Steve moved into a much larger factory aiming to build a range for Hinterland Caravans in Queensland to sell under the Urban banner.

The projected build rate is only three to four a week to maintain strict quality control.